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Valvoline oilsAs an approved cummins supplier in the United Kingdom we only use and supply Cummins approved engine lubricants & oils. Cummins the largest engine producer and Valvoline engine oil the only one endorsed by them.  When Cummins and Valvoline got together with the development and testing of the Premium Blue product. The result was using this Premium Blue product in a Cummins engine extend the engine oil frequency by 5,000 miles. In some cases this was a saving on downtime of 20%!

Why use Valvoline?

Years ago when I started in the motor trade engine oil was not quite as complicated as it is today. With machine tolerances not being as close as they are now, both engines and engine oils were not under the same amount of loads and pressures.

When I first started most road vehicle engines ran on 20/50 oil viscosity which kept things quite simple.  In today’s environment engine oils are expected to last longer. Unlike years ago when a 2,000 mile oil change was quite common, nowadays that would be frowned upon with 20,000 -30,000 mile oil changes not uncommon.

150 years ago Doctor John Ellis developed a petroleum based product for steam engines, this was the beginning of the Valvoline’s development.

When the first model ‘T’ Ford was mass produced each one was filled with Valvoline engine oil before it left the car plant.

Over the last 100 years engine technology has dramatically evolved, as this happened so has Valvoline’s engine oil and technology.

For the last 150 years Valvoline has been at the leading edge of technology and has created numerous products.  As Valvoline is an American company, most of its products are unheard of in the UK. However, Valvoline is no different to Castrol GTX for instance.


Who are Valvoline?

In 1939 Valvoline created the X-18 engine oil which was a very well-known product in that era. This followed by MaxLife high mileage oil in 2000 which was a major breakthrough.  One advantage that Valvoline has above its competitors is the company has the ability to carry out all five of the required engine oil tests in house at the Ashland Kentucky engine test laboratory.  This allowed the company more freedom and flexibility in their innovations.  Another factor is that Valvoline do not refine their oils from crude oil. This allows them to search the market for the finest base oils available.

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