Cummins Genuine Parts

Cummins Genuine PartsThe difference between a Cummins genuine part and none genuine part is not just the price. It’s also about things that are not that easy to see in measurements, materials used and the composition.  It could be the cylinder bore on an air compressor is a fraction of a millimetre too small.  For instance if we use a top piston ring for example, this small dimensional difference can make a lot of difference in the components power output, oil consumption and fuel consumption just to mention a few.

If we take the effects of the dimensional differences with a top piston ring of an engine for example. This can effect lubrication of the cylinder bore which could lead to catastrophic engine failure.  Although you may save a small amount of money initially on your purchases of parts that are not genuine, it could cost you a lot more in the long run.  To prove this Cummins engineers have performed vigorous tests putting genuine Cummins parts against none genuine parts.  These tests included visual inspections, critical measurements, material analysis and part chemistry analysis.

The following results demonstrate why Cummins genuine parts are always better for your engine.

The Cummins genuine parts advantage, not all parts are equal.  Often what you can’t see will make all the difference.  Engine components have to be manufactured using tolerances and measurements that are not visible to the naked eye. Precision design along with state of the art manufacturing and endless testing ensures that Cummins genuine parts perform at the factories specified levels of efficiency.

Cummins genuine parts, better parts, better availability

The quality of Cummins parts only matter if they are close at hand and available when you need them most.  This is why Cummins distributors stock thousands of commonly used parts.  When the parts are not available they can be obtained quickly through the global logistic network.

Wherever you are in the country, feel assured that we can get parts expedited to you reducing downtime and loss in productivity.  In some instances you are able to choose genuine Cummins reconditioned parts.

A better warranty

Cummins genuine parts come with a full factory warranty ensuring piece of mind and most importantly financial protection.  Every part is backed with 100% parts, labour, progressive damage and consumables.

No-hassle core returns

Cummins have made the returning and refunding of the core process easier.  No need to return the old cores and wait weeks to learn the value.  Any Cummins authorised repair centre will accept your old cores. All that is required is a simple external visual inspection and the cores will be easily determined, allowing you to know up front what the cost will be.

Cummins engines have a reputation for being virtually indestructible as well as delivering exceptional reliability and value over the lifespan of the engine.  Unfortunately like most engines they will need in time major components replacing or a major overhaul.  Genuine Cummins reconditioned engines and parts can provide a cost effective solution which will quickly put your Cummins powered equipment back to working order.

For all Cummins genuine part enquiries contact us via our parts enquiries page or call LAS on 01604 861345